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Only Yu Hot Spring

Only Yu Hot Spring  is one of the best hot springs around and it is only 5 minutes by car from Minamiashigarashi`s Daiyuzan Station (Daiyuzan Line Train).  You can drive there, or get Only Yu`s free courtesy van, a bus or a taxi to the hot spring.

Only Yu is nestled in the forest, so the setting is beautiful.   It is very popular.

Cost: Adults/1940 yen  Children/972 yen

Kakure-za – A Quiet “Hiding” Place


Yururi – Restaurantレストランバイキング20151


The hot spring and the setting are both romantic and beautiful.  But there is much more than just the springs.  You can eat in their Yururi buffet restaurant that features locally grown vegetables, get a massage, or even practice zazen meditation, do Japanese calligraphy or take a stretching class.  You can even sleep on a tatami mat!

Visit Only Yu`s Website!

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