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Hamazushi in Minamiashigarashi


One of the best restaurants in Minamiashigarashi is Hamazushi.  It is a restaurant chain that specialises in good quality, yet reasonably priced sushi.   Many of the dishes are only 100 Yen!  Plus it is kind of fun, as the sushi comes to your table via a conveyer belt.

       “Hamazushi serves very good and reasonably priced sushi and it is a five minute walk from       Daiyuzan Station (towards Odawara). It is about 500 metres from Daiyuzan Station.”-a guest at Kevin`s Guest House

To Get There:

From Daiyuzan Station, leave the station and head left through the small tunnel of the shopping centre.  After exiting the tunnel turn left and walk down the sidewalk for 500 metres.  You will see Hamazushi on your left.  If you go by car, it has a large parking area.

From Kevin`s Guest House:  Walk back towards Daiyuzan Station, but at the intersection just before the station, turn right, then walk for 500 metres and you will see Hamazushi on your left.  You can`t miss it!

From Kevin’s Guest House to Hamazushi:

Address in Japanese:

Tel 0465-72-5102
Opening Hours: 11:00~23:00

Last Order: 22:45        Visit Hamazushi`s Homepage

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